MWE Racks founder, Marty Eichmann, conducted ten years of research and design to develop the RED OCTOBER Base and CLIFFHANGER Cradle. It all began with an invention born out of pure 
necessity. While preparing for a family ski trip with his wife and five young children, Marty found the available rack options to be complex and inconvenient. Marty took matters into his own capable hands, engineering and building a rack that his family could easily use. What he developed all those years ago was the first prototype of the RED OCTOBER Base. 

Marty spent thirty-plus years in commercial advertising and the film industries, in which he was highly sought after for his problem solving abilities and talent for developing extreme mounting solutions. Working on locations all over the world and among every type of terrain and climate, the unique mounts required innovative materials and applications for motorcycles, cars, and boats. Throughout his career, Marty worked on more than 20 feature films and over a thousand